Food Animals

  • Bumblefoot is a term used to describe an infectious or inflammatory condition involving the bottom of the foot pad on one or both feet in birds. Causes include improper perching surfaces or traumatic injuries to one or both foot pads. The condition is painful and causes the bird to become lame on the affected foot/feet. Proper veterinary care is essential to resolving this severe condition.

  • There a several viral diseases that affect pet and backyard chickens. Knowing the symptoms, treatment options, and methods of prevention is beneficial to anyone who owns chickens. The five most common viral diseases are: Marek's disease virus, lymphoid leukosis virus, avian influenza, infectious bronchitis and Newcastle disease virus.

  • Blue-green algae, also called cyanobacteria, is found in fresh and brackish water of ponds and lakes. This microscopic bacteria can also grow in backyard fountains, garden pots, bird baths, and anywhere water is stagnant. Regardless of where they are found, cyanobacteria can be dangerous.