Ready for Spay and Neuter Surgery in Newport News, VA?

If you have a puppy/kitten or have recently adopted an adult intact pet, they may be ready to undergo spay and neuter surgery. The ideal time for puppies and kittens to have this important procedure can vary, so please schedule a consultation as soon as possible. All pets receive a complete pre-surgical examination, including a nose-to-tail physical and blood testing for conditions contraindicated with anesthesia. All our veterinarian services are easily accessible to Newport News and surrounding communities in Virginia.

Pet Spay and Neuter in Newport News, VA: Dog in Flower Field
Pet Spay and Neuter in Newport News: Playful Cat

When Dogs May be Ready

Properly timing spay or neuter surgery in dogs involves more variables due to wide-ranging breeds and sizes. Female dogs should still generally be spayed before their first heat cycle, which occurs around six months old in most dogs. Larger breed dogs may take longer to develop, but the decision to spay or neuter earlier vs. later should be weighed against your pet’s lifestyle. If given the chance to mature before spay or neuter surgery, behavioral concerns of intact pets may develop.

When Cats May be Ready

Typically, cats can be spayed or neutered before dogs since they reach sexual maturity sooner. If you spay or neuter your cat before full maturation, they receive some valuable benefits. Aside from the obvious benefit of avoiding unwanted pregnancies and litters, certain cancers and infectious diseases are less likely to develop. Most cats can be spayed or neutered around five months of age, but the timing of the procedure is dependent on your pet’s overall health. Outdoor cats should always be spayed or neutered before maturation.

Behavioral and Medical Advantages

Having your pet spayed or neutered offers advantages that are likely to increase the quality of life for you both. Furthermore, the full effects of these advantages are seen when pets undergo spay or neuter surgery before maturation.

The advantages of having your male pet neutered include:

  • The chances for prostate problems are decreased
  • Any incidence of testicular cancer is avoided entirely
  • Mounting behavior is curtailed or avoided
  • Urine marking/spraying is curtailed or avoided
  • Worrisome roaming behavior is curtailed or avoided

The advantages of having your female pet spayed include:

  • Incidences of ovarian and uterine cancers are less likely
  • The chances for mammary gland tumors are decreased
  • Unplanned pregnancies and litters are avoided
  • Worrisome roaming behavior is curtailed or avoided

Please contact us for more information or to schedule a comprehensive examination with us today. We look forward to caring for your four-legged friend.