Recognizing Pain in Pets in Newport News, VA

We all wish that our pets could tell us when they’re not feeling well. While they can’t use words, there are certain cues you can look out for to help you decide whether a trip to the vet is warranted. Dogs and cats do try to conceal signs of sickness and pain out of instinct, but our Newport News veterinarians can make it easier for you to recognize health issues earlier in their development and take the necessary actions to treat your pet. Read our tips on recognizing pain in pets.

Recognizing Pain in Pets in Newport News, VA

Ways Pets Show They’re in Pain

Our animal hospital has seen a wide variety of symptoms in pets denoting chronic or acute sickness and/or pain, including:

  • Decreased appetite or no appetite at all
  • Sleeping most of the day
  • No interest in playing, walking, or engaging with people or other pets
  • Walking gingerly
  • Having difficulty moving/standing
  • Reluctant to climb up/down the stairs or jump into the car
  • Limping
  • Sniffing and/or licking at the same spot
  • Panting despite being inactive
  • Whimpering often
  • Recoils, hisses, or whimpers when touched
  • Goes away and hides for long periods of time

Why You Should Act Fast

You should contact our animal hospital in Newport News immediately to seek treatment for your pet. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially where their health is concerned. A pet’s condition can go downhill quickly and if they are worse off than they were a few days ago, treatment can be more difficult.

We Have the Best Diagnostics on Hand

At Colony Animal Hospital, we use a variety of reliable modern tools including ultrasound, digital radiography, and an in-house laboratory. Additionally, we work with specialty laboratories if we need additional testing for a complex issue.

Give us a call at (757) 877-6464 if you have any questions or concerns about your pet!