Cat & Dog Vaccinations in Newport News

At Colony Animal Hospital, our goal is the same as yours: to keep your pet healthy and happy so you can enjoy many years together. That’s why we emphasize the importance of preventative care, which includes cat and dog vaccinations.

Cat and Dog Vaccinations in Newport News, VA: Smiling Dog

Why Vaccinate My Pet?

Just as with human vaccines, pet vaccines help protect your companion from a number of diseases, some of which can be fatal. Pet vaccines work because they contain antigens, which mimic a disease-causing organism and prompt a mild immune response without actually causing any illness. If your pet is exposed to the actual disease at a later date, their immune system will be better able to recognize and fight off the contagion.

Vaccinations are vital even if your pet spends most of their time indoors. Many contagious diseases are airborne and spread easily, which means your pet can be exposed through something as simple as an open window. Your pet’s risk of exposure increases even more if you take them outside of the home to places such as grooming salons, daycare facilities, boarding kennels, and dog parks. Be sure to talk with your veterinarian before taking your pet to any of these places to make sure they have the proper vaccination coverage.

Personalized Vaccine Schedules

Many of our pet vaccination protocols vary from patient to patient and are dependent on the likelihood of exposure to certain diseases. There are a couple of essential, or core, vaccines that are required for every pet. For example, rabies is a core vaccine for both cats and dogs.

There are also several non-core vaccines which may or may not be prescribed based on your pet’s lifestyle and risk of exposure. For instance, dogs who are groomed regularly or who go to daycare facilities will need to be vaccinated against Bordetella, which is a highly-contagious respiratory illness that spreads easily from dog to dog. During your pet’s wellness exam, we’ll ask questions about their lifestyle and determine the best vaccination schedule for your pet’s needs.

If you have any questions about which vaccines your pet will require, feel free to contact us by phone at (757) 877-6464 or via e-mail at We’d love to talk to you about your pet’s vaccination needs.