Safety and Preparation Guidelines

Hurricane season usually runs from June to November. Whether or not a major storm is predicted for the area, you should be just as vigilant in making sure your pet is prepared as you would any other member of the family. Disaster can strike with little warning, and we want both you and your pet to remain safe. With proper hurricane pet safety planning, you can weather the storm together. Read our hurricane pet safety tips below.

Hurricane Pet Safety in Newport News: Wet Dog Standing Next To Service Worker
Hurricane Pet Safety in Newport News: Abandoned Dog Stands In Ruined Neighborhood

Plan for an Emergency

Always be prepared for an emergency situation. Refer to the guidelines below to assist you in your planning:

  • Make sure your pet is microchipped in case they get lost
  • Download the PetSites app for your mobile device so you always have quick access to your pet’s medical records
  • For additional insurance, get hard copies of your pet’s records and keep them in a sealed plastic bag or other secure container
  • Check for motels or hotels in safer areas that allow pets
  • Map out local boarding facilities
  • Stock up on your pet’s food and any medications they might need, including parasite prevention
  • For cats and small dogs, have a sturdy, secure carrier that you can carry around easily
  • Have a sturdy leash and collar with updated ID tags (include an extra leash just in case)
  • Create a pet emergency kit that includes non-perishable pet food (and a can opener if necessary), at least three days’ worth of water, litter and a litter box if you have cats, puppy pads, plastic bags, medication, and a photo of your pet in case you get separated
  • If evacuation is a possibility, have all of your pet’s things ready to go so you can leave immediately if necessary
  • Whatever the circumstances, remain calm—your pet can tell when you’re anxious, which can make them anxious as well!

If you have questions or would like additional tips, give us a call at (757) 877-6464!