5 Ways to Have Fun with Your Pet This Winter

5 Ways to Have Fun with Your Pet This Winter

Who said you can’t have fun with your pet in the winter?! Regardless of the season, keeping your pet active and stimulated (whether it’s inside or outside) is important so they can stay healthy. Colony Animal Hospital has created the following five ways to have fun with your pet this winter, so you can kiss those winter blues goodbye!

Teach Your Pet a New Trick

Both dogs and cats can learn tricks like “sit,” “fetch,” and even “stay,” so why not use your indoor time to teach your canine or feline friend a new trick? Training your pet can strengthen your bond with them and improve their overall behavior, so it’s certainly worth the effort. Of course, always reward your pet for doing the trick, and make sure to limit the training sessions to about 15 minutes a day.


Play Hide and Seek

Who said hide and seek is just for kids? Dogs and even cats can have fun with this game. Simply hide your pet’s favorite toy or treat in a place where they can see. Then, let them have fun retrieving it. For cats, you can try leaving the toy or treat high on the highest level of their tower so they have to climb up to get it. And if your pet is well trained, YOU can be the one to hide and let your pet find you. This game works great for herding breeds like collies and German shepherds.


Take a Walk with Your Pet

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a nice walk with your dog. Just like any other exercise, walking provides some great cardiovascular benefits for you and your pet and can even help you bond with your canine companion. Just be sure to wipe off any salt from your dog’s paws when you come inside, since it can irritate them.


Go for a Jog

If your dog is more of the active type, or maybe you just want to get a better winter workout, you can turn your walk into a jog or an interval walk. And of course, increasing your speed will help you both stay warm, too. If you want even more of a challenge, find some hills in the area that you both can tackle.


Play Tag

Most people don’t associate tag with dogs, but it’s definitely possible to play tag with a dogs. You can play in the privacy and comfort of your back yard or visit the nearest park. Tag your dog, and take turns chasing each other around. You’ll both have fun and get a good workout, too!

If you’d like to schedule an appointment at Colony Animal Hospital, give is a call at 757-877-6464, and have a happy, safe winter with your pet!


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